Two nights ago I found myself searching the shelves of Marshall’s with my husband for Ashwaganda Powder as we had almost ran out of ours. My husband has became obsessed with it and puts it (along with many other superfoods) in his morning smoothie. He is a guy who loves his chicken wings as much as he loves his superfood smoothies so friends, let this be a lesson that anyone can add it to their daily lives! Now some of you are probably wondering what the heck ashwaganda is and thinking I might as well be speaking a different language so I’ll give you the Cole’s notes version and say it’s not meant for everyone so here we go...

Ashwaganda is an “adaptogen”. An “adaptogen” is a “phytonutrient” (beneficial substances from a plant). The word ‘adapt’ is in adaptogen because it quite literally means that, they help your body adapt, find balance and restoration (i.e. adapts to what your body needs)! All adaptogens have different benefits as well (and there are many types of them too)! They interact with each of us differently.

So what is ashwaganda? It is a plant and the extractions we consume usually comes in powder (sometimes liquid or tablet) form. 

Here is what it is great for:

  • regulating our hormones in our body 
  • stress relief, it is very calming to nervous + adrenal system!
  • thyroid stimulation! 
  • strengthening immune system
  • increase energy (my favvvv) ⚡️⚡️⚡️

My husband Jesse says he notices the main difference is his energy levels and brain function (feels clearer)! 

My favourite brand is organic traditions which I usually get from winners/Home Sense/ Marshall’s or Bulk Barn. Comment below if you have any questions! 

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