Being sick SUCKS and I think that is something everyone in the world can agree upon. No one wants to feel sick, lethargic, weak, in pain, and less than 100%.

My job is based around making others feel better + more energized on a daily basis but getting sick is often inevitable and sometimes it is your body's way of telling you to sloooooow down. With that being said, here are my go to's during the winter months (and beyond).


Ginger + Lemon

You can't have one without the other. Well you can, but these to me are like Bert and Ernie, better together (I could have used a more relevant duo but they are quite the pair).


Confession: I do not enjoy the taste of it so lemon makes it taste better for me. Sometimes you have to suck it up to get the health benefits from certain foods. Ginger is one of them for me. It is great for nausea, clearing your sinuses, improving your digestive function and nutrient absorption.


Rich in vitamin c, has antimicrobial properties, full of electrolytes, and alkalizes your body which makes it harder for germs and viruses to thrive in 



These are my go to's on a good day! But I find them extra important on days I need some extra energy + assistance 

  • Maca: just like ginger, I cannot stand the taste of this but it is SO good for you so I take it in pill form. Great for energy, full of antioxidants, great for pain (also cramps and mood swings ladies)
  • B12: helps boost energy! 
  • Chlorella: if I could tell anyone to supplement with one thing it would be chlorella. A green algae that is so powerful I cannot believe its not a household staple. It is so great for detoxifying the body, cognitive function, a digestive aid, an immune booster, packed with protein, fibre + almost every vitamin, and get this... it is one of the most concentrated forms of antioxidants! Stop what you are doing and go buy this (make sure it is "cracked cell" chlorella and if it is mixed with spirulina, that is an even bigger bonus!)
  • Vitamin C: vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin which means it flushes through your body and cannot be stored (unlike fat soluble which can be stored in your body for later use). So don't think because you ate that orange 3 weeks ago you are good to go! 



Such a powerful source of antioxidants! Some background on antioxidants...

What are antioxidants? They help destroy free radicals in your body and prevent oxidation.

What!? Free radicals are essentially unstable cells that can cause havoc on your body and have a snowball effect creating more unstable cells. Germs, bad bacteria, smoking, chemicals + pollution are some examples of free radicals that enter your body. 

What does that have to do with antioxidants?  Think of antioxidants as the SWAT team who come in and stabilize the bad guys (i.e. free radicals)

Where can I get antioxidants? Foods that are rich in vitamins A, C + E. Yes it is that simple! Oranges, broccoli, sweet potato, kale (obviously), spinach, strawberries, peppers, and mangoes are my favourite sources!


Chamomile Tea

Add in a little bit of honey and you have a throat soothing, immune boosting, antibacterial cup of goodness. I love the taste of chamomile so I drink it on a regular basis but drink even more when I am not feeling well. My mom got me hooked on it at a young age and instilled the idea in me that it makes everything better! Which is does.


Essential Oils

Special shoutout to peppermint, fennel, and lemon which happen to be in one of my favourite essential oil rollers from Saje, the "Super Detox". This roller can be used after a long weekend (if you catch my drift), before workouts, in the shower or my favourite- when under the weather to get rid of the gunk and clear those lymph nodes!


Oil of Oregano

My in laws got me hooked on this a few years ago and it is life changing. Oil of oregano is antimicrobial and anti fungal which simply put, gets rid of bacteria (kind of like a natural antibiotic). But be careful to not overdo it and have it every day as you would a vitamin, as just like an antibiotic is can reduce the good bacteria in your body as well! 


Hot/Cold Compress

When I was younger a staple in my household was a "heating pad" but fast forward a couple decades and the thought of putting something electronic on my body does not sounds so hot (pun fully intended). Now you can buy ones that come with a clay insert which can be put in the freezer for cold and in the microwave for hot (or boil water and insert). This is great for any pains, aches, or simply for calming down your nervous system and giving it some TLC. 



Last but not least, magnesium! So calming, relaxing and can even help with nausea. My favourite is the Magnesium "Calm" powder right before bed as it helps you unwind. Not only does it help you fall asleep, it helps you stay asleep too!



Have any questions for me? Comment below!

Stay healthy!

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