Post Vacation Detox

As some of you may be aware, I spent the first two weeks of September eating my way through Italy. I travelled from Florence to the province of Umbria (between around 5 different towns) and eventually ended in Rome. Most days were fairly balanced but I did indulge in more sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol than I do on a regular basis. If you read my last two blog posts, you got an understanding of the steps I took to stay balanced while on vacation. It was my second time visiting Italy and I did notice that even though I ate more on an average day, my body processes the food more efficiently (especially in regards to gluten and dairy). I find that these foods along with their vegetables are a lot closer to the source with less GMOs and added ingredients. With all that being said, even though I react differently to Italians foods, my body was definitely ready for a detox when I got back and I was eager to get back into my routine. I am also getting married in just over 5 weeks and I want to feel as best as humanly possible for my big day. I do not just mean externally, I mean internally too. The weeks leading up to a wedding can be stressful (so I hear + have seen) so I want to be in the healthiest frame of mind too. When I am eating clean and exercising every day, I feel better equipped to handle curve balls, have more energy and quite frankly, get $#*& done!


Here is what I am currently doing to get back into my regular routine and feeling 110%:

1. Exercise

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): I do this 5-6x/week for 30 minutes. This helps get my heart rate up as well as get me stronger (both mentally and physically)!
  • Running: I run 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes. Although bootcamp gets my heart rate up, I find the combination of both HIIT and cardio gets me in the best shape and improves my energy and sleep too!
  • Yoga: I try and go to yoga once every week (sometimes its every two weeks) for a good sweat and stretch. My favourite are Moksha classes that are heated!

2. Eating 

  • Diet: the trick here is to help out your body + digestive system as much as possible by limiting inflammatory foods and adding in important nutrients. This allows your body to work harder at getting your energy levels up and your body back into homeostasis. 
    • Limit (inflammatory foods) : gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol
    • Add in: fibre, healthy fats, clean protein + lots of fresh, local and organic vegetables. The cleaner the food the better!
  • Food for thought: on the first few days after a vacation (or if I just feel like I am in need of a quick fix), I have two smoothies per day + one meal. These smoothies will be high in protein, healthy fats, fibre, and green vegetables. There is minimal sugar as I want to balance my blood sugar. For my meal, I will keep it low carb and high in greens, proteins, and healthy fats (ex. quinoa bowl with avocado, broccoli, various vegetables, and healthy seeds).
  • AM or PM rituals: to help myself feel even better, I will have chia water or lemon water in the mornings and digestive teas such as peppermint or fennel at night!

3. Supplements

  • Just think of supplements as getting a specific boost in areas where needed. This can be different for everybody, but for me it is about getting my digestive system and energy levels back to optimal state. Here is what I take:
    • Chlorella: I talk about green algae a lot (spirulina and chlorella) because I LOVE THEM! These superfood supplements give me life and are great for your digestive system, adrenals, and entire body! I take them for my energy and to promote detox within my body.
    • Probiotics: I also talk about these bad boys quite often. Probiotics help build up your gut flora, remove the bad bacteria + replace it with good. After travelling I find it extra important to focus on your gut health.
    • Adaptogens: I take these (specifically holy basil and rhodiola) to get my hormones back in line. Adaptogens quite literally adapt to each person's body differently and give you what you need. There are many different types but since I find that travelling and flying impacts my internal stress levels in my body, I take ones that are more geared towards lowering cortisol levels. Rhodiola and holy basil are both great for that! 

4. Sleep

  • On a daily basis I get anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. I love my sleep and put a high priority on getting a good one each night. When I was in Italy, I would average between 5-7 hours a night (thank you FitBit for the insight) and I definitely felt it. I was in 6 different hotels within 2 weeks so there was a lot of moving around, adjusting to new environments, late evenings, and of course my body was still getting regulated. Now that I am back home, I am back to my 8-9 hours/night and feel great. On the first night back to help myself get into a routine I took a melatonin. After night 1, I was back to sleeping easily and regularly and find myself exhausted at 9pm each night and I love it (said no 29 year old ever?)

5. My 5 Day Detox!

  • Finally, from September 25-29th, I am hosting a 5 day detox for people who live in Toronto! It consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day and all the meals are ones that I eat myself to feel cleansed and energized. Join me next week and sign up here!


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