Staying Sane During Wedding Prep!

4 weeks ago I got married! It was as stereotypical they say "the best day of my life". Today I'm still buzzing from it and reflecting (surprise, surprise) on what made it so great. Below are my suggestions on how to make things as positive as possible! 

5 things I would suggest for any bride to be

  1. Mentally decide it's not going to be stressful. I will preface this by saying I am verrrry organized which made this process quite easy. You can make the process and planning as complicated + stressful as you want it to be. I decided very early on it was not going to be a stressful thing and that I was going to make decisions efficiently. We saw one venue, I chose my bridesmaid dresses and my own wedding dress in one day, and most importantly we always remembered what a wedding was all about; our love + the people there to celebrate that with us. If you keep that in mind throughout the process it's so much easier to stay calm, grounded and keep things in perspective. Stress is how you carry it! We could all be raging monsters over decor but is that really worth it?! 
  2. Etsy is the most wonderful online marketplace ever. Have some fun on there to make your wedding customized to your liking! You are also supporting small businesses which is a bonus!
  3. Take time to curate your music played at your wedding. Seems like a weird suggestion but we hired a band and one of the most fun parts of the planning was picking a set list! Let me just say that our dance floor was packed the entire night which made Jesse (my husband) and I so happy! We wanted our guests to have as much fun as we were having and I can confidently say that they did!
  4. In regards to your health, be nice to yourself! If you're not happy with yourself, set a realistic and achievable goal that doesn't make you feel like crap. Avoid the "lose 20lbs or else" mentality and make smaller weekly ones such as: go to bootcamp 3x/week + yoga once. Or drink 2L water daily for glowing skin. The small changes add up and help you stay focused and positive. Like I said earlier, stress is how you carry it and if you go through the wedding planning process in a "I need to lose 20lbs to be happy" mindset, it's going to put you in that negative state of mind which will have a ripple effect on your stress, the people around you, and the whole process. Be nice to yourself and remember, there's a lot bigger things in life to worry about then a dress size! 
  5. 2 weeks leading up to your wedding: sweat, hydrate + nourish! Support your adrenals, work out any stress + give your body every ounce of nutrients it needs to be in the best mental and physical state. For me that just meant working out, drinking lots of water, and making sure I was eating lots of nutritious foods to help me feel energetic throughout it all!

 What helped you stay grounded and sane during your wedding planning process? Feel free to share below!

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