5 Day Refresh (15 York)- SOLD OUT!

kale ahhh's healthy kitchen

$180.00 $249.99

There are 2 dates available for 15 York's "5 day refresh":

  • May 14-18th- SOLD OUT
  • May 28th- June 1st- SOLD OUT!

If you missed out on these available dates, you can sign up for my regular detoxes in June and I will honour the corporate rate! Use discount code CIDETOX to get 25% off of these dates: June 11-15th or June 18-22nd at https://www.kale-ahhh.com/products/5-day-detox 


Each "5 day refresh":

  • Includes 3 meals + 2 snacks each day
  • Is dairy + gluten free and made with nutrient rich whole foods!
  • Optional: added meat to one meal/day (extra $30)


Important Information:

  • If you work at 2 Queen, your detox date is June 4-8th and can be purchased at this link: https://www.kale-ahhh.com/products/2queen 
  • There are two deliveries per week (Monday + Thursday morning) to a 15 York boardroom that will you will be notified at a later date (indicate your shipping address is 15 York in order)
  • Your official receipt will be sent to you the week of your detox as it cannot be claimed prior to week of meals
  • 20% new customer code cannot be applied to your order as your price is a corporate rate which is $50 off regular price 



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